Natural LIght Photographer of East aurora, New york


I will always be learning and growing.  I will shoot what I love, while giving you lasting memories of your loves.


This is not something I jumped into just because I had a fancy camera.  I have slowly taken my time to learn, practice, study and be critiqued.  I put my whole heart into creating the best gallery of images I can for you.  

In February 2016, I mentored with Newborn photography great, Ashley Hill of Florida.

In July 2016, I was a part of a family mentoring session with the amazing Sarah Hill of Sarah-Beth Photography in Indiana. 

Photo by Sarah-Beth Photography

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About Shortie Studios

Taking pictures has always been an important part of my life.  It grew into a more meaningful hobby that I dedicated myself to when our sons came into our lives.  I love and treasure all the moments I have of them from the first day they were born.  Shortie Studios started by my friends asking me to create the same images for them that I have of my family and has become a dream come true for me.

Although I am born, raised and live in Western New York, I always feel most at home near the ocean.  So at least once a year, I try to get my family to the beach.  Most of our days though we spending being together, either at home or at our cabin in the Southern Tier.  I am a big fan of Buffalo sports, hanging out with friends at some of our amazing local breweries, and have even fallen in love with working out.  So that is just a little bit about me...  

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