In the Beginning

I couldn’t wait to shoot people other than my family. And a few of my friends helped me out with that one fall about four years ago. Since then we have done babies, milestones, Christmas and more family sessions with Jill. And along the way I met her sister Jess…I’ve done a couple of her babies and her family every year as well. But this year they wanted to be together as a gift to their mother. And of course, they were perfect. Jill told me yesterday that these photos made her mother cry. I’m not going to lie….extended family sessions had to grow on me. Watching everyone interact, listening to them laugh together about family jokes, and being able to photograph cousins with aunts, grandma with her baby boys, sisters and their brother….it has all made me fall in love with these sessions. So yes…bring your smiles, snacks and embrace the crazy. Because in the end, you will have beautiful memories to hang on your wall or build an album with. And by far, those are the best kind of presents. xoxo

Katie Kubiak